Farmland for sale


Five acres, biodynamic / organic farm. 3.5 acres pasture, 1.5 acres forest. Ready to build. Nice views south and west over High Valley, and east to the horizon to Gifford Pinchot National Forest. 

36′ x 36′ BARN (built 2015) with 3 stalls, hay storage or project space, 2 loft storage spaces, and power.

ELECTRICS in barn — 110v 15 amp plugs and 30 amp RV plug. Hardware from pole to building rated 400 amp service so it can be used for new house. Meter base is in and working. 


70′ x 20′ GREENHOUSE (built 2012) with roll-up sides, raised beds and double doors on both ends. Easy to grow heat-loving tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant and melons.


12′ x 12′ GAZEBO, fir with cedar floor and siding.


Town WATER at property line, or drill your own well. Water quality is exceptionally good-tasting.

SEPTIC PLAN designed and approved for 4 bedroom home.

Land is at the top end of High Valley with beautiful views. 


across High Valley

south, west of forest

toward southwest


east toward Gifford Pinchott National Forest

the forest is on the east and south side of land

forest at sunrise


sunflowers planted on 1/2 acre in east field with forest to south


Young FRUIT TREES — grapes, cherries, plums, apples, currant, peach, gooseberry, elderberry, rose hips, chestnut trees, hazelnut, evergreen huckleberry. Forest mostly evergreens, some vine maple, cedar, birch. 

LIVESTOCK that has done well here includes beef and dairy cows, dairy goats, heirloom turkeys, broiler and laying hens, honeybees.



The SOIL is red clay and, as most soil in the PNW. It tends to be acidic which is ideal for grapes, fruit trees and berries. We have an agricultural deferral on the land which is transferable. If you plan on carrying on the land as a farm, this amounts to a considerable savings each year.


AIR QUALITY — Air really clean. Usnea is an indicator species of moss that grows only in supremely clean air and we’ve got it here in High Valley. A mile or two down the road going toward Portland, you don’t find usnea. 

The FOREST —  1.5 acres of forest has fir, cedar, huckleberry, ferns, vine maple, trilliums, a wild apple the cows love, elderberry and hazelnuts. Good places for a hammock.

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TOWN — Venersborg has less than 1,000 homes and is pretty rural. The one-room schoolhouse serves as our community center and is on the historic register. Next door is the two-room church, and across the road is our only commercial building, the old Venersborg Store (closed). Salmon Creek is three houses down the road near the schoolhouse. Venersborg is an unincorporated area, which means you can build agricultural outbuildings without having to get a building permit, though you do need a permit for human dwellings. School district is Battle Ground, school busses pick up children in front of their home.

community events at the one-room schoolhouse —

Five miles away is Battle Ground (pop. 20,000) with an old-town downtown and small shopping centers. Good library, emergency services, medical offices, urgent care and a naturopathic clinic. Organic food in town and plenty of CSAs and farmers markets throughout the area. 


Further away (20-25 min) are 3 health food stores (Natural Grocer, Whole Foods and New Seasons) and more traditional shopping centers with mainstream stores (Target, Costco, Walmart, Home Depot). That same distance puts you in downtown Vancouver, a bedroom community of Portland. Across the 205 bridge in 35 minutes is PDX, Portland’s international airport, and 45 minutes puts you right into downtown Portland, Oregon. Oregon has no sales tax while Washington has no state income tax.

PRICE is $285k. 

Agent:  Pauline Oxford, Better Properties   (206) 914-1055 or (206) 935-4040