Archive | May 2009

Calf born with white heart on forehead

Miss Amelia birthed her new calf Monday morning at dawn. A beautiful fawn colored heifer with a big white heart on her forehead who we’re calling Harmony. Sweetheart she is.

Amelia is a brown swiss and jersey cross who gives delicious creamy milk. We bred her with a guernsey because we’ve heard guernseys have delightful personalities and also have high quality milk. The new calf will become a milk cow in a few years after we breed her for her first calf. That’s how you start the milk cycle, the cow has a calf and the milk comes in. 
The first few days we leave all the milk for the calf so she gets the immune system boost that come from drinking colostrum. Colostrum is only there for the first three days. We’ll start milking on the fifth day. 
On the second day we found the calf had somehow gotten under the wire and was outside the fence. Miss Amelia was standing guard on the other side, quite distressed. 
Joseph and one of our farm interns, Chad, got on either side of the fence, picked up the 65 lb. calf and handed her over the fence, back to Amelia.  
Joseph and I have spent many hours hanging out in the field with the new calf. The spring grass is coming in and growing a few inches a day. The swallows are courting in the air above the pasture and we watch their swift arcs and dives as evening comes on, then see the stars come out and pepper the sky. Love is in the air.