Agritherapy Farm Stays

Reconnect with Nature at a pace that encourages presence and reflection. Our gardens and orchards are lush, our wood-heated farmhouse is warm and cheery. At our beautiful biodynamic farm you can learn respectful ways to care for cows, bees, chickens and gardens. Bake homemade pies filled with love and our sweet orchard fruit. Historic farm on peaceful land, surrounded by an atmosphere of appreciation and delight for the wonderful gifts around us.

This busy, hurry-up world can be challenging sometimes, we know. City life can make demands we feel obligated to keep, knowing how exhausting that drain is on our hearts and souls. Often in the midst of this, we long for a place where time doesn’t fly by, where Nature is honored, where creative thought is nurtured and where relations with all beings are respected and honored.

Our farm is such a place. Our farmstays encourage people to have respectful relationships with Nature in an environment of caring and presence. You are invited to come to the farm and immerse yourself in a world filled with love, laughter and really good food (that you’ll help make).

Most people don’t know how fascinating 45 minutes watching highly entertaining chickens can be! Cows are more pensive but they’ve got their moments, too, as do our honeybees, generous gardens, verdant pastures and crisp apples ripening on the trees.

While here you can participate in whatever it is we’re doing. The farm unfolds itself in the morning, embraces us as we make our way through the day, and then tucks us all in in for a deep and restful sleep that evening.

Let us know when you’d like to visit. We’ll spend some time with you when you arrive figuring out what would most benefit you, how best to reconnect you with Nature. Then you’ll have time through each day to help in the garden, watch the wind blow through the trees, enjoy fresh and delicious food, visit with our beloved animals, journal to your heart’s content, and walk your own path.

Agritherapy stays are $195/day and that includes everything we do that day. If we’re holding a class, you’re invited to be part of that, too. Call us to talk more about this.