Getting to Our Farm

Truly excellent driving directions are here! Our biodynamic farm is just east of Battle Ground in Washington.

Please use our directions. Trust me on this. GPS, mapquest and google are too often not all that good on getting you out to our rural location. Please, don’t head off into the hinterlands on your own. Use these directions and you’ll actually get here.

Directions to Friendly Haven Rise Farm

1. From Portland via I-5 N

2. From Portland via 205 N

3. From I-5 coming south from north Clark County (or Olympia)

4. For everyone once they reach Risto Rd.



4.1 miles north of the bridge, take Exit 4 — 78th St.

Turn Right

At about 2 miles you’ll bear left and follow the sign toward 205.

You are now on Padden Parkway.

The next light is Andreson. Just past that light is the entrance to 205.

When you pass the entrance to 205, set your odometer. Stay on this road for 10 miles


2.   FROM PORTLAND via 205 N

Take 205 across the Columbia River bridge

Take exit 32 Padden Parkway Eastbound and go RIGHT (east) at the end of the ramp.

Stay on Padden Parkway for 10 miles


[Both of the above directions get you to the same place.]

You’ll go through two stop signs. The second stop sign is at the center of the little town of Hockinson. Go through that stop sign and keep going straight.

The road has been straight as an arrow since that last stop sign. When the arterial goes to the left and you see a big yellow arrow pointing left, you turn



3. FROM THE NORTH via I-5 heading SOUTH

Take Exit 11 — Main St, Battle Ground

Go to 72nd Ave and turn RIGHT and go 1 mile.

Turn LEFT onto NE EATON (also called 199th) and go 5.2 miles

This road has been straight as an arrow since you got on it. At around 5 miles you will go through a series of 90 degree turns. The first one goes to the right, then another to the left.

Then the road turns to the right again, BUT at this point rather than following the main road, you will make a slight LEFT turn onto RISTO RD.


4. Great! Everyone is now on RISTO Rd.

Go 3.2 miles to 242nd Ave. where you’ll see the old Venersborg Store.

Turn RIGHT onto 242nd Ave and head up the hill.

PARK AT OUR NEW BARN. Once you are on 242nd, go 2/10 mile and turn LEFT onto 204th St. Our barn driveway is the first opening in the fence, on the RIGHT about 500 feet up the road. Park in front of the barn and walk down the path past the big greenhouse. Keep going till you see a second smaller greenhouse further down the hill. Our home is on the right. (If you are part of our feed co-op, your feed is in the barn.)

If you have disabilities and need to be closer to the house … — Pass 204th St toward the Dead End road sign. We are the next house on the LEFT (white with green trim) and a very old barn at the bottom of the driveway. Park in the barn driveway (pull all the way in so other folks can fit in behind you), or park along OUR SIDE of the road along the fence. Don’t park in front of the mailbox or our mail lady will pass us by for the day, and PLEASE DON’T PARK ON OUR NEIGHBOR’S side of the road because it mushes up their lawn. Our side is just fine though. If you have a disability and walking’s hard, let us know ahead of time and we’ll make room so you can drive up closer.


The OLD Barn has a driveway in front of it with room to park.