Our Farm Family
Joseph taking a break from digging. Our dirt seems to like moving around on the end of a shovel. Joseph does his best to keep that soil well-fed and happy.
Yes, our cats really do sleep like this, all wrapped around each other. Otorongo is the black cat (it means black panther in peruvian) and Remy is our ginger boy.

Daniel, our 17 year old cat, taking a nap on the warm stones.
Amelia birthed a beautiful heifer on May 18 and is giving us plenty of milk every morning at dawn.

Turkeys backlit by the sun. While they're not the brightest bird, they are friendly and we like them for that. We raise old heirloom breeds: Narragansetts, brown Red Bourbons, gray Blue Slates, and white Royal Palms.
Daddy-O, our aracana-wyandotte rooster. He once chased off a stray dog who had a chicken in his mouth. He saved the chicken from harm. We adore him!

Our healthy organic bees pollinate everything. That gives us some very interesting hybridized squash-pumpkins that are a challenge to identify.
Jacqueline with bees in the south pasture. We LOVE our bees and have beautiful flowering herb gardens for them to frolic in.