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My Friend Patti's
Farm Stories

Patti's Farm

In the winter the blueberry bushes on Patti's farm turn bright red.
The barn on Patti's farm.

Soon after we moved to Snoqualmie, our oldest daughter Becca named our farm Summer Winds. Planning to run Summer Day Camps out of our barn, she needed a name for her camps. The name stuck (and so have the camps). Each summer kids come from all over east county to attend her camps and visit our farm.

We like to call our place a farm, but with just under 14 acres, claiming that word doesn't do justice to those who farm for a living. Truly we just play at our farm. It's all for love rather than a living. (Luckily, we have another way to make a living or we'd be in trouble.) Every bit of energy we put towards our farm gives me such gratitude for those who really grow my food.

Each year we add a little bit to our farmstead. This year we are expanding our marionberry patch. Last year it was the strawberries and raspberries. We figure eventually, if we are patient enough, we will get everything bearing in time for our grandkids. And that's a good enough goal for me, because hurrying isn't part of the plan around here. There is too much to enjoy without having to speed our way through it.

We have lots of animals--sheep, chickens and a dog and a cat at the moment. In the past we've had goats, horses, ducks and pigs We try to grow as much of our own meat as we can; but being softies at heart sometimes makes that a hard goal to achieve. It was all we could do to butcher those two friendly pigs we raised a few years ago. It was even harder to eat them. After over twenty years as vegetarians, it is quite a switch to be growing our own meat. Working through all our emotions about this has certainly made us grow.

Besides animals, we have lots of garden space. Twenty full sized blueberry bushes, two raspberry patches, a few baby grapevines, strawberries and currants give us tasty treats all summer. The orchard we planted is just starting to bear, and the vintage fruit trees that line the property give us an occasional taste of the past.

Our garden is way bigger than I can manage but every year I give it my best and find myself making salads out of the weeds. It's all good in the end. Even if I'm a long way from the perfect garden I imagine in my mind, I'm having fun and my hands are getting dirty. That's enough for me.

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