The Farm

The Farm
Annual apple pie party 30 foot net for hops
We have an annual apple pie party and all our neighbors come make pies with us.
Joseph heard that hops can grow 30′ high so he built a net to hold them up. So far they’ve only grown ten feet but if we ever want to throw a bedsheet over this, we can show movies in the field at night!

Cow in front of old barn Free range turkeys
Our old barn was built in 1918 from handhewn cedars. The barn was known as the “dancing barn” where the villagers danced on the fir-with-no-knots floor. It’s now listed on the Washington Historic Barn Register.
Turkeys free ranging in front of the teepee in the south pasture. They eat apples, wild grasses and plenty of bugs.

Cats hunting in the wheatfield Guest cottage and the greenhouse
Cats hunting for voles in the pasture.
Our little cottage hosts classes and does double duty when we have guests stay in it.