Spend Time at the Farm with us

Ever thought visiting us at the farm might be a good idea? This year we thought we’d invite a few friendly, interesting people to spend time with us on our biodynamic farm. 

When we first wrote this, the harvest had just been brought in, the gardens put to bed for the winter and the fruit, meat and vegetables preserved, dried, canned and frozen for the coming seasons. A rare time of quiet.

Each time of year has its special qualities. New gardens and births come in spring, summer when all is lush, fall with the generous harvests, and winter’s quiet time of reflection.

We decided it would be a fun idea to share our roomy farmhouse, our joy and our knowledge with good people showing them what we do here:  Farm skills like milking a cow, tending chickens, making cider, learning about bees, and cooking up great meals made with healthy, organic ingredients. 

Often we bake pies. We may pick greens or dig potatoes and sunchokes from the garden for dinner. You can meet our cow, Miss Amelia, collect eggs, make eggnog and cheese, take a hike to the waterfall. Bring a favorite game for evening if you like. 

If you stay for a few days you may learn about bees, honey skin care or help bake some rustic tarts. Chop firewood if you feel so inclined. We’re always open to talent nights, too. Bring a poem to read, art to show, song to sing, dance for/with us or just watch and applaud. And if you want to sleep in and lounge about, feel free to do that. Help out with our daily farm chores and learn all kinds of interesting things about our animals and the gardens. Or just lie down in the field and describe the clouds.


Sound like fun? We have room for up to eight people at a time. No pets (we have PLENTY of animals). This is family style so expect to make your own bed and help with dishes. Our intent is that this time be relaxing for all and full of laughter. 

Cost is $125 per person for the overnight. We ask that you pay half when you reserve your spot and then pay the other half when you’re here. 

See more of our farm at http://www.FriendlyHaven.com (lots of pictures).

Our experience tells us we get along best with easy-going people who are interested in good health and have a well developed sense of humor. If you’re like that and wish you had a farm to go home to, pop us over an email and we can talk. 

Jacqueline & Joseph Freeman 
Friendly Haven Rise Farm