A stranger cometh Christmas Eve


Joseph — Lord of the Land
Rousseau — Faithful Dog, Protector of the Lord’s Land
Cat 1 — Lead Hunter of Small Mammals
Cat 2 — Lead Hunter of Indoor Insects
Cat 3 — Lead Hunter of Elusive Birds viewed through Stalking Window
Husky-Girl — Lost Maiden

As written by Jacqueline, Scribe and Lady of the Land
Scene: Late evening on the longest night of the year, in the foothills far to the east, on a rural farm

Joseph: Lord of the Land

Joseph: Come, faithful dog. It is time to do our rounds in the fields.

Rousseau: I am at your side, my Lord.

(they walk)

Rousseau: The cows are moving in the field. They should be sleeping. Something is afoot. A rustling in the grasses. There! Behind the blessed cows.

Rousseau: Faithful Dog, Protector of the Lord’s Land

Joseph: What is it, Rousseau? Have you found something?

Rousseau: My Lord, do you hear?

Joseph: No, but my ears are not as fine as yours.

Rousseau: And there, on the wind. A strange scent, like no other I have smelled. My Lord, is it in your ken?

Joseph: No, but my nose is also not as fine as yours. What is it you sense?

Rousseau: Stay back, my Lord! Someone runs in the field. Await me here. I shall run and see who hides in the darkness.

Joseph: Be safe, my faithful one!

Rousseau: My Lord! My Lord! I have found a stray dog here. She has the scent of foreign lands. I shall sniff her thoroughly.

Joseph: What is here, dear dog? Are we safe?

Rousseau: I am sniffing her lady parts, my Lord. Such strange and exotic scents. Wait, my Lord. Another minute, perhaps more.

Husky Girl: Lost Maiden

Joseph: Rousseau, you have found a female dog. Perchance, she may be of nobility and her family in woe that she is lost. She is of the Northlands. We must search for her house and inform them she is found.

Rousseau: Is she from the land of the Danes, my Lord?

Joseph: No. She may have travelled through Denmark to get here, but she hails from lands further north.

Rousseau: A Pyrenees from France? Or a Brittany?

Joseph: No, she appears of good breeding, but further distant to our lands. Perhaps across the great ocean.

Rousseau: The noble Newfoundland? Or could she be a Labrador from the icy water-lands?

Joseph: Please ask her, Rousseau. Dear maiden, where come you from?

Husky: (My Saviors, I cannot speak your language. I am lost. I am at your will.)

Rousseau: Alas, the language is foreign to my ears. Though she does appear to be especially energetic and athletic.

Joseph: She must have travelled a longly ways. Come, we will head back to the manor.

Husky: (I am found! I am found!)

Joseph: I believe she most resembles a breed I have heard tales of, but until now have never seen. I believe she is a HUSKY, a lineage from the far northlands of the Americas, Let us bring her to the manor where she can dine and rest while we seek her family.

(Joseph brings her into the garage where he takes a photo to post on Facebook and thus seek her noble house.)

Joseph: Maiden, it is late, nearly midnight. Eat of this food I have prepared for you. And I have made you a bed where you can rest while we seek your family.

Husky: I shall sing the song of my ancestors until they are found.

(Joseph brings Rousseau into the house and they ready for sleep.)

(1 a.m.)

Husky: Ancestors, I call out to my family. Tell them I am safe but not yet found.� Rousseau: Dear maiden, I shall echo your calls until your family hears.

Cat 1: Master, awake! There is a dragon in the land. We must flee!

Cat 2: Lady, awake! Come this way, under the bed!

(2 a.m.)

Husky: Ancestors, awaken and find me. I call and call you.

Rousseau: Arise! Arise! My Lord, she needs more of us to call with her.

(3 a.m.)

Husky: Ancestors, Find me. I do not suffer as I have my keen hunting skills. I have miraculously found a covered metal bin that smells rich in reward. I am doing my best to unlock the canister.

Rousseau: Dear maiden, I wish to be at your side and assist you but I am trapped in the Lord’s house. Nonetheless, I shall call and encourage you to further your efforts.

Car 1: Lead Hunter of Small Mammals

Cat 1: Master, awake! I cannot find our brother. I fear the dragon has done him no well.

Cat 2: Lead Hunter of Indoor Insects

Cat 2: Lady, awake! We have made room for you here in the closet. Come quickly!

(4 a.m.)

Cat 2: Master, awake! We have searched everywhere for our brother. He is lost.

Cat 3: Lady, awake! I am here! I have found a hiding place from the dragon. Follow me into the basement of the manor where it is dark and there are many hiding places.

Cat 1: Master, awake! Indeed it is a good hiding place. And there is plenty of room for pooping, which we all shall now do to show we have claimed this territory, free of dragons, as our own.

Cat 3: Lead Hunter of Elusive Birds Viewed Through Stalking Window

Husky: I have succeeded at last in opening the canister. It is, indeed, filled with many smells. Alas there is little food. These farmers, they are composters and they do not have much surplus. What they have I shall spread throughout this garage so they know I have given my best to this discovery.

(5 a.m.)

Husky: Ancestors, I am here.

Rousseau: I call with you. We shall not sleep until we find your family.


(6 a.m.)

Husky: Though the skies are still dark, I shall keep up my song.

Rousseau: Likewise, I shall sing the ancient chorus of all lost dogs with you.

(7 a.m.)

Husky: I am hoarse with barking. As the light comes over the mountains, I shall rest my bones.

Lord Joseph and Faithful Dog Rousseau

Rousseau: While you rest, dear one, I shall keep up the call with sporadic yips and trills asking if you are back awake yet.

Cat 1: I continue to growl through the window to keep the dragon at bay. Sleep, Lord and Lady. You are safe under my watch.

(8 a.m.)

Phone rings. The husky’s family has heard of the miraculous saving of their lost daughter and they hurry here to accept her back into their care. Joy! Joy!

Rousseau: Be well, fair one. I am grateful the song we sung through the night roused your family and you have been rejoined. Joy and happiness, I shall sing long this day.

— Jacqueline Freeman, Friendly Haven Rise Farm